How to book and join an online class

1) Download Zoom (the free 'Basic' option) on your laptop or mobile.

2) Email me with the class you want to join.  I then send you the zoom link and payment info.  

Cost of online classes

All online classes are donation based with a suggested donation of anything between £5 - £10.  Only pay what you can afford or what feels right.  If you are currently without income (self employed/on benefit) I urge you to please practice for free.  If you work for the NHS, I also urge you to practice for free - you have enough on your plate right now!

You can pay in two ways:

1) paypal.me/clairehawkins74

2) or email me for bank details


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa moves through a progressive series of poses in harmony with the breath. The flows are dynamic and stimulating, creating the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and mindfulness.  Suitable for improvers and intermediates.

Morning Flow

Morning Flow moves a little slower than traditional Vinyasa flow to accommodate the stiffness of our bodies in the morning.  The class moves through a long warm up, paying particular attention to awakening the spine.  The pace then increases as we move through a series of energising flows to get you ready for the day ahead.  Suitable for all levels.

Pilates (mat based)

Pilates focuses on posture, mobility, strength (particularly core strength) and stability using precise and controlled movements.  Pilates also emphasises the importance of a focused breath and mind meaning this a great all round mind body class.  Suitable for all levels.


Barre is a low impact workout that burns fat, sculpts and tones the muscles of the entire body and improves core strength and stability. It incorporate the positions, moves, grace and technique of ballet with the flexibility of yoga and the core challenge of Pilates. Suitable for all levels.  No dance experience needed.


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