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Monday and Tuesday 'in person' and LIVE STREAM at Archbishop book direct with me via the button below.  


For classes with More Yoga please book direct with them via their website.


Pilates Class


Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow or Vinyasa Flow moves through a progressive series of poses in harmony with the breath. The flows are dynamic and stimulating, creating the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and mindfulness.  Suitable for improvers and intermediates.  


Mandala Vinyasa is a flow that moves 360º around the mat.  Based on the 4 elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air - this style of vinyasa connects each element with a specific area of the body, integrating the spiral patters that nature uses and exploring circular movements with our bodies.  The practice starts and ends with a short Yin session to prepare and close the areas of the body that we will be working on.  Suitable for improvers and intermediates.  

Pilates (mat based)

Pilates focuses on posture, mobility, strength (particularly core strength) and stability using precise and controlled movements.  Pilates also emphasises the importance of a focused breath and mind meaning this a great all round mind body class.  Suitable for all levels.

Reformer Pilates

This form of Pilates uses a reformer machine, which is loaded with a number of resistance springs.  These springs can be used either as a way to make an exercise more intense or to make it easier.  It's a really useful way to help you find the right alignment, provide you with some support in the tricky exercises not to mention it's also a lot of fun!


Barre is a low impact workout that burns fat, sculpts and tones the muscles of the entire body and improves core strength and stability. It incorporate the positions, moves, grace and technique of ballet with the flexibility of yoga and the core challenge of Pilates. Suitable for all levels.  No dance experience needed.

Yoga Child's Pose
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