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My love affair of dance began at 4 when I started tap, ballet and modern jazz lessons.  I loved the combination of movement, music and performance – I was officially hooked! That blossomed into a love of singing and acting that led me to broaden my training into the Performing Arts to become a Musical Theatre Actress, performing in the West End, London Fringe and UK tours.


Gym Bunny

It was also around that time that I discovered a general love of all things fitness – from running to weight training to boxing to aerobics, I loved it all. But amongst the cardio and strength work I felt something was missing and when I discovered Yoga 20 years ago I knew it was the missing piece.  I remember walking away from my first class feeling so calm and serene that I felt I could tackle anything life threw at me.


Yoga love

My love of Yoga grew.  It gave me strength and flexibility, an appreciation of my breath, the ability to settle my emotions and mind and helped me discover a general sense of peace and wellbeing.  It was then that I began my journey away from Theatre to become a Yoga Instructor, completing my 200 hour Yoga Alliance training and my Yin Yoga training over 13 years ago.  Teaching Yoga for so long has been and continues to be a joy.


Barre & Pilates

Coming back to my dance roots, 4 years ago I expanded my teaching repertoire to qualify as a Barre teacher under Barre Concept (International Accreditation).  I then also went on to qualify as a Level 3 mat based Pilates teacher and a Dynamic Reformer teacher. So it’s back to core, precision, control and strength!


Let’s move

So what ties all of these disciplines together and why do I love all of them so much – it’s about movement; finding expression and release through the body; it's about freedom and getting out of the head; it’s about discovering a strong, stable body and mind and taking that strength out into the world.

Teaching style

My love of music and dance is very evident in my style of teaching and all of my classes are filled with energy, expression and the fluidity and grace of the body, with music often playing a large role.  

My journey

For me teaching has been and remains an inspiring, exciting and rewarding journey and I look forward to where it takes me next.

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