***LIVE Online Classes***

In light of COVID 19 I now also run LIVE Corporate classes to support your staff through this difficult period.  Classes can run through whichever conference provider you are using (Zoom, Teams, Skype etc) enabling your employees to dial in from the safety of their own home.


It is vitally important for our mental health and wellbeing during this time to come together in any way that we can in order to maintain a feeling of support, community and connection.  These classes provide an opportunity to practice mindfulness and breathing techniques in order to calm the anxiety and fear associated with adjusting to this very different way of life. In addition they can be an important way to release the physical stresses from self isolation.


For more information on logistics and pricing please contact me on clairehawkins4@icloud.com.



More and more businesses are beginning to understand that looking after the wellbeing of their employees is essential for maintaining happy and productive staff.  Working environments are often the main cause of stress and so having the opportunity to take time out during or after the day can really help to keep stress levels at a minimum.

Yoga and Pilates provide an output for physical and mental stress that often accompany desk jobs.  The more time spent releasing tensions in and around your work day, the less likely these tensions are to escalate into something that requires time off work.

Happier and healthier staff leads to increased efficiency, productivity and creativity, less days off sick or injured, increased motivation and morale, an improved focus and hopefully a feeling of work being more of an enjoyable environment.


I teach Corporate classes across South and Central London that are tailored depending on your needs and space.  That could be a regular weekly class that combines physical poses with relaxation and breathing techniques or it could be a one off session designed as a team building exercise.  Whatever this looks like, I will work closely with you to help shape what you need.


Classes are held in your place of work – that could be a meeting room or an open space

  • Regular classes can be held at lunch (45 minutes) or after work (60 minutes).

  • One off workshops can run for 2 hours to a half day

  • All students must bring their own mats unless the company is willing to provide these.