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Email me to arrange your FREE 30 minute essential oil consultation call.  Your chance to ask questions about how essential oils work and how you can factor them into your life depending on YOUR needs. No pressure to buy or sign up to anything - it's purely informative.  

2) Join doTERRA and save 25% 

By joining doTERRA as a Wholesale customer (£24 enrolment fee or free if you buy an 'enrolment kit') you receive 25% off all products throughout the year.  No minimum amount or monthly order needed.  YOU decide when you buy and what you buy.

1) and click Join + Save

2) Enter country information

3) Click Wholesale Customer (or Wellness Advocate if you are ready to build your own essential oil business)

4) Enter your personal information

5) Enroller ID automatically populates but if not my ID is 7898248.  Click Verify.

6) Set a password

7) Get shopping!  Remember if you buy an enrolment kit you don't have to pay the enrolment fee!


**Sound complicated?  I promise it isn't but I can walk you through joining during our consultation if easier**

Plant Based Power & Me


My relationship with essential oils was a slow burn - we took a while to find each other which is slightly odd as I have never been one to pop a pill if feeling ill, much preferring to go without and 'let nature take its course'.  I didn't initially turn to oils as a natural way of feeling better because I was unsure how to use them and unsure of where to buy good quality oils - it felt like a minefield that I wasn't quite ready to tackle.


Thanks to a friend guiding me towards doTERRA I suddenly had a wealth of information at my fingertips, not to mention access to what are the most tested, trusted, ethically produced and highest quality of oils (CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®).  I was hooked.  My instinct to let 'nature take its course' transitioned to 'let nature help'.  I now use essential oils on a daily basis to enhance my life and health and am beginning to transition many of my household products (cleaning products, beauty products) over to those that are essential oil based and chemical free. 

Natural Solutions

Essential oils have a range of benefits and can be used in all sorts of ways.  Some examples:

 - calm anxiety/stress

 - encourage good sleep

 - immune system support

 - respiratory & digestive support

 - skin renewal (anti ageing; healing)

 - antiseptic

 - alleviate muscle aches and pains

 - hormonal balance and mood enhancer

 - bug repellent

 - chemical free cleaning products

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