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"I have practiced Yoga with Claire for nearly 5 years.  She is a committed and compassionate teacher who brings huge enthusiasm to her lessons, and takes close interest in the well-being of her students.  I highly recommend her lessons." Patrick Tatham


"At first I was worried I'd be intimidated by a Yoga class but Claire is so friendly and approachable she quickly made me feel welcome.  After just one term I can see a real improvement in my flexibility and core strength." Sean Winnett

“Simply put, I love Claire's classes. It's actually hard work but she guides me through the poses and offers different levels to match my abilities. No other form of exercise makes me feel two inches taller or a stone lighter at the end of the session.   I leave feeling like I have worked hard and my body gets to feel and enjoy the benefits" Julie Fagan


"When my (previous) yogi of five years announced she was leaving London, I thought it would be impossible to find another teacher to take her place. By great good luck or serendipity, I discovered Claire and I found her to be exactly what I was looking for. Her verbal instructions are clear and practical, but she also passes on something difficult to put into words. One might call it spirituality, wisdom, it doesn't really matter about the words; but what matters is that, in her classes, we feel some kind of profound enrichment of who we are in that place and at that moment in time." David Powell

"As someone completely new to yoga, Claire's classes have been perfect.  They are exactly what a beginner requires combining the right balance of learning new things and being pushed to learn more.  More than that, thanks to Claire's teaching, yoga is now much more than simple exercise and has become an important part of life" Matt Whelan

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