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Mindful Eating & Yoga Workshop

with Rosaria La Pietra & Claire Hawkins

An introduction to Mindfulness as an aid to loosing weight, releasing stress and rediscovering your zest for life.

Saturday 8th September 2018

10am -4pm



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In this workshop we discuss the concept of Mindfulness with a specific emphasis on exploring its principles to enable us to make healthy food choices and ditch unwanted pounds and sugar cravings for good! Together we learn how to identify what the body really needs and discover ways in which we can savour, and find gratitude for, the foods that nourish us.  As part of this we will also dive into the wonders of ‘energy foods’ to gain clarity on those which give us fuel and those which deplete both our body and mind. 


Supporting the messages of this workshop will be two mindful Yoga practices.  Our opening session begins with mindful breathing and a series of physical poses designed to draw attention and awareness to the physical body and breathe.  Our closing session contains restorative and meditative poses to leave the body feeling revitalised, restored and fully present.


Included in the workshop is a healthy, wholesome and homemade vegan lunch – packed full of nutrients and lovingly made by both Rosaria and Claire.


Please join us to begin your journey towards optimum health and happiness!



9.45am Arrival & Morning Tea 


10am   Welcome, Introductions & Intention Setting         


10.15am Introduction to Mindfulness  ​


10.45am Yoga - an introduction to mindful movement & breathing  


11.45am Comfort break


12pm Mindful Eating Talk


1.00pm Lunch is provided


2pm Energy Talk – as a concept and as fuel


2.30pm Recap/Q&A & What Next


3pm Meditation & Restorative Yoga


4.00pm Finish


Rosaria and Claire have been good friends for well over 20 years.  Bound together by their common energies, values and approach to life, these girls were always destined to do something together!  Their passion for food, health and fitness not to mention their journey towards living with more love, patience, presence and acceptance has meant their individual paths have often mirrored each others.  Both, over the years, have sought out philosophies and practices with a strong emphasis on healthy bodies and minds which now culminate in the two joining forces for this workshop in order to share their experiences and knowledge.

​Rosaria and Claire have both been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years.  Claire has a Psychology Degree and is a qualified Yoga & Yin Yoga Instructor, with a speciality in anatomy, mindfulness and using Yoga to support bereavement.  Rosaria is a qualified Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Health Coach and has studied nutrition, mindfulness , Yoga and pre/post natal fitness.


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